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the art of not counting II


No jarring, unpredictable melodies. No vocals. Just wordless, percussion-less tunes that sink deeper and deeper into a peaceful drone. Sweet dreams~

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yeah, this is the only playlist i listen to the whole way on 8track. avril 14 is my favorite song on here and those lyrics are so frustratingly bad. not to mention this is a great all instrumental playlist.

Thank you for the kind words! I re-uploaded the song, hope it works now. 8tracks is supposedly working with SoundCloud now but idk how much is getting done...just hold out for the best, I guess. Sleep well!

wtf happened to avril 14... its got lyrics now and that is very very annoying, i know you didnt make that happen but that needs to change back to an instrumental

Oh no! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Not sure why that is -- it's probably something to do with the database and Soundcloud spontaneously mixing up songs. Hopefully 8tracks gets their shit together soon though because this is happening with other mixes and with other users besides me :/