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another playlist for precious little nori! he needs more loveee

  • Arctic monkeys Do I wanna know [Sn0w Remix] by DJsn0w
    Have you got colour in your cheeks?//Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift
  • 안녕하신가영 (Hello Gayoung) by 10분이 늦어 이별하는 세상 (A World Without Time)(Album Ver.)
    if i can wait for tomorrow, it must be nice// since i notice nori is very focused on time and the past i think this song suits him
  • illusion is mine by Ling Toshite Shigure
    "You tormented yourself over whether your plastic reality would break Since I'm about to show the rhythm disappearing, fill the future instead of me I was music"
  • Asian Kungfu Generation by Myakutsu Seimei
    nori's favorite band
  • Chrissy Costanza Ft Alex Goot (One Republic) by Counting Star
  • Dare You to Move by Jayesslee
    jayessless switchfoot cover
  • 나의 왕자님 (My Prince) by Various Artists
    a cute song for little nori// All night, I wait for the sun to rise out the window Because when morning comes, I can meet that person Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for looking into my eyes Thank you, my prince that I’ve dreamed of, for appearing before me
  • Simple, Starving to Be Safe by Daphne Loves Derby
8 tracks