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Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow. It's-It's been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you uh, when I did.

Uh, hey, do me a favor. Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? I'm gonna to try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there.

You know... oh, no -

  • RUN RUN by Run Run
  • Exuma's Reincarnation by Baha Men
  • PurpleRoselyn by Just Gold Duet MandoPony
  • FNAF 2 Survive The Night by Victoria_Maliks
  • FNaF Song by MandoPony by "Just Gold"
  • The Mangle Five Nights At Freddy's Song Groundbreaking Feat. Nicole Gene by
  • No Strings by Groundbreaking
  • A Five Nights At Freddy's Song By NateWantsToBattle by No More
  • Mangled by NateWantsToBattle
  • Welcome To Freddy's by Madame Macabre
  • Die In A Fire (The Living Tombstone) by Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Song
  • Five Nights At Freddy's 3 SONG (Smike and TryHardNinja) by Follow Me
  • Springtrap ft. Madame Macabre [FNAF3 Song] by Madame Macabre
  • Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Song Just An Attraction by TryHardNinja
  • Five Nights At Freddys 3 Song By NateWantsToBattle (FNaF 3) by -Salvaged-
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