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a night at the tavern


an eclectic collection of music for inns, taverns, and meeting-houses. mostly non-vocal but interspersed with some bard-worthy songs by malukah, mediæval bæbes, loreena mckennitt, and others.

the cover is concept art for the bard's tale iv.

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32 tracks
7 comments on a night at the tavern

@cernunnas ah, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed listening. there were some songs I didn't include because they either broke the flow of the mix or because they didn't fit within 8tracks' terms of service (no more than 2 songs by the same artist), so maybe I'll make a sequel to this sometime in the future!

@fiertia @cernunnas Just wanna say, Thank you Fiertia, for keeping the flow of music steady. Honestly I think that makes or breaks a playlist. And it has definitely made this one spectacular.