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desert hymns


music for a sandsea glimmering bronze and gold in the sunset; for long-abandoned shrines still humming with energy; for the hot, merciless gaze of the sun; for the sigh of wind on dunes and the rushing whisper of sandfalls; and for mystery, solitude, and wonder in the great open landscape of a desert.

an annotated mix centered on the setting of journey.

16 tracks
5 comments on desert hymns

I'm writing a story of magical realism taking place in a desert, and this playlist fits just perfectly with the story. Thank you for sharing.

This mix is really beautiful and creative. Well actually all of your mixes are but I especially love this one! Keep up the good work :)

@efflorescent thank you so much! ♥ I'd always wanted to make a fanmix for journey but was never sure I could do the game and its ost justice, so your comment means a lot!