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devil's banquet


for a seductive devil; for charm and elegance that are rotten at the core; for the hapless soul that's ensnared by a web of calculated malevolence - a classical mix that grows darker as it progresses.

the cover art is "still life with fruit, bread and roemer" by pieter claesz

13 tracks
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Your playlists are always just incredible, they all fit perfectly with the scenes you set for them it's truly wonderful! You have truly gotten me through so many study sessions and have provided soundtracks for many of my days... so thank you, you clearly put a lot of time and energy into all of these and I really appreciate all of it, keep doing an amazing job!

@Emoco this reply is super belated, but thank you!! i haven't made many mixes lately, but i do put a lot of time into the ones i share, so it's great to hear that you've enjoyed them. thanks again, and best wishes to you!