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the seaside café


☼ a relaxed, cheerful blend of jazzy instrumental anime soundtracks and covers (+ some extras) for an afternoon at a café with a view of the sea. ☼

features music from ARIA the animation, ikoku meiro no croisée, from up on poppy hill, and from various jazz + jazz manouche performers.

++ for extra ambiance:

19 tracks
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I think I need to restate how much this playlist means to me. It's my go-to for when I'm feeling sad, need to study, or just want to chill. This is one of my favorite playlists of all time, if not my actual favorite. So I really really want to thank you for putting this together. It has quite literally changed my life.

@nerjavic dude, that's awesome! I'm so flattered that you like this so much. really, I love this style of music, so it's wonderful to see others enjoy it, too. all the actual credit goes to the fantastic composers and musicians that created these pieces - I just put them together in an order I thought worked nicely - but you're very welcome, and thanks so much for your super kind words (they made my day)!