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the witch is hardly the bazaar's only shopkeeper, but her popularity and mystique are singularly impressive. the wares for sale at her jam-packed stall are diverse, rare, and often bemusing. as you browse - finding everything from unicorn-shaped baked goods to a bandolier full of silenced bells - you become so absorbed that you forget the surrounding noise and bustle of her other eager customers.

part of a series: || art credit: kazuya takahashi.

24 tracks
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Ahhhh, this mix is exactly what I was in the mood for today. Fantastic work! Thank you for putting this together. Looking forward to exploring your other mixes!

I kept thinking "oh wow, that song was great! No way the next one can be as wonderful," but then! It was, just as perfect a selection as the last. I guess this means that I'm a pessimist and you're brilliant.

This is such a fantastic mix! (Plus I love Joe Hisaishi, and the stuff he did for Ni No Kuni in particular.) Is there a post for this on tumblr at all? 'd love to share this on a fantasy blog I run, but would like to share from the original post if possible.

@swanwhite Joe Hisaishi's work on Ni no Kuni is also dear to me! And no, I never made a post for this on tumblr, and at this point, I don't think I would. You can go on and share it and link to this if you'd like, though. :)

loving this playlist! as a huge harry potter fan, i am totally imagining being at hogwarts and studying! which is a HUGE motivation! please consider making more playlists if you can!

@caracathleen (it seems like 8tracks user tagging isn't working, so idk if you'll see this, but-) thanks, that's wonderful to hear! and harry potter was a big part of my childhood and adolescence, so it's definitely been an inspiration for these mixes.