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the witch's forest


the witch's forest is rarely-visited but full of strange wildlife. it's beautiful - in a wild, crooked way. bioluminescent fungi and silken spell-threads shine among the gnarled trees, and no matter when rain last fell in the wood, it somehow always smells of petrichor.

a mix for the mischief & magic that stir in the deep twilit heart of a witch's forest.

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@ganesh.s As a reply to your first comment: if you mean to re-listen to other tracks, then no, not without pressing play after the playlist has finished in full, and then all the songs would be shuffled. If you mean that the tracks have been skipping without your control, then that's a bug that 8tracks has seemingly been working through for some time now; I don't know of a current fix for it. I still have that issue on here, actually! And as a reply to your last two messages: thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed listening to it. :)