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the witch's garden


at first glance, the lush garden before you seems to be just that - a place teeming with life and carpeted with a galaxy of plants familiar and strange, but little more than an exceptionally overgrown clearing. yet upon a closer look, you see tendrils of bright magic flash and weave among grasses, flowers, and herbs, and you think: so this is the work of a witch.

a mix for all the magical, odd, lovely things that could be found in a friendly witch's garden.

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This is so sweet and lovely. I love that you included music from Kiki's Delivery Service. Thank you for the playlist!

This is beautiful, makes studying seem like a much less daunting task. It makes me almost believe that I'm studying to become the next great witch :)

@MM57 wow, I'm so glad to hear that! I've really been surprised and excited to see other folks finding this sort of music to be be witchy and fun. anyway, thank you! :)