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the witch's haven


there's magic in a witch's quieter moments, too.

a soft, playful, warmly magical mix for long afternoons spent reading worn, rune-covered books in swaths of sunlight; for the familiar, comforting protection of age-old ward spells; and for wondrous things hidden beneath the calm appearance of a witch's haven.

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I don't even have to listen to the mix to like it anymore, I press the heart button the first song in. Seriously great collection!

Love this witchy series. This one might be my favourite. I love the incorporation of Braid, Austin Wintory, and Studio Ghibli. You must love lots of indie games as much as I do! ^_^ I will try to keep track of some new ones. Anyway, this playlist/series is a real treat. Thanks for making them!

@starshinesMonet thanks! this series and mix were super fun for me to make, so it's great to hear that you enjoyed them, too! I'm apparently almost always in the mood for whimsical witchy music, lol. And yeah, I'm a big fan and supporter of indie games, so music from them often inspires or at least sneaks into my mixes.

@fiertia Me too! I am making up an "Indie game orchestral" playlist that I am just not satisfied with yet. I will let you know once it is completed though, because my magical witchy powers tell me that you will really enjoy it. ^_^

This is perfect for studying! :P btw it's a pleasant surprise to hear Alizbar's music in several of your playlists. He is my absolutely favourite harpist.

@Maironeeeee thanks, that's great to hear! and yeah, I'm a huge fan of his music, so I try to fit in songs by him in my playlists whenever I can. :) I love the sound of the harp anyway, but Alizbar's definitely one of my favorite harpists.