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the witch's study


Sometimes, a witch needs to rummage through the (dis)ordered chaos of their hidden study in search of a grimoire or a summoning font or a reagent...or maybe just their favorite book. So here's a mix for mischievous spellbooks and whimsical, impish enchantments.

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This is fantastic! I'm listening to it while writing my final paper for a class and it is most useful in helping me concentrate. Very lovely and witchy and delightful.

This is such an amazing playlist, I love the picture and the music takes me back to my 8yo self wanting to be a witch so badly :3 This playlist will get me through my workday with a smile on my face.

@elinola wow, thank you!! ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed listening to it! I wanted to be a witch when I was younger, too - and I've never quite lost that feeling, lol.