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women's work: a musical tour through history


( part 1. )

women have been innovators and trailblazers in music throughout history, so I wanted to make a series dedicated to their tenacity and musical prowess, featuring the works of women composers from various points in history (mostly western history, in this playlist).

this first set is organized chronologically, spanning medieval vocal works through early 19th-century pieces. I also included annotations about the composers. hopefully this is up to snuff - i've had it sitting in my unpublished drafts for over a year now!

(cover is of Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, painted by François de Troy)

13 tracks
5 comments on women's work: a musical tour through history

This mix is amazing, and I learned so much just by listening to it! I really appreciate the write-ups on each composition. And, aside from all that, these tracks are gorgeous. Thank you!

This is a wonderful playlist! Women were unfortunately quite neglected in all my music history lessons (I think Hildegard von Bingen was the only one we touched on in any depth in my curriculum) so I'm glad for the mini-lesson. Thanks so much!

@deliverykiki yeah, i actually began working on this playlist to further my own knowledge of women composers! there were so few i knew about from before the twentieth century. thanks for listening!

I really love the idea of this playlist. Even though the classical music of the Baroque era is my favourite, I did not know these women composers of the time. That's why I need to thank you for taking the time to put this mix together...just lovely. :-)