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sparks from the sun.

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as someone who feels too much, who associates feelings with people, who, despite already having so many emotions going on at the same time, craves the feeling of being loved and appreciated all the time, this playlist was a journey. i felt the anticipation every time i waited to see which song would come next, and the joy when it turns out to be a favorite of mine. i savored the familiarity of the songs that i know by heart and the mystery of the ones that i was hearing for the first time. this playlist put me through quite the ride and i'm so glad that i'm in this with you. i love you, you're my best friend. god do you make me feel so much more than i already do.

@icareuss you're my heart and soul trize, my heart n soul. i can't believe (tho i'm sure you can) that i'm only just seeing these messages (because OH BOY i'm not good at checking) but i feel all warm inside. as per always when you write me beautiful things. i tried hard not to pick just any songs, so all of these mean a lot to me and i hope you noticed that you was in there too, as my all time favourite song that i cherish almost as closely as i do you :) i almost put falling slowly as an inside joke but it looks like i forgot ahahaha but i love you to pieces and you know i'm rarely on 8tracks but i think about the playlist you made me ALL THE TIME. and the aesthetic you made me, that captured my SOUL in something like 8 pics. and i STILL had that aesthetic you made me from yesterday in a tab bc it makes me smile. i love you so much my beautiful soul sister :**

driving by the beach with the windows down and feeling the cold slap of the salty air on your skin. hugging someone that you haven't seen in forever. meeting someone for the same time and knowing that they're your soulmate the moment you shake their hand. the thrill of being a teenager when possibilities are seemingly endless, yet lacking the courage to explore all of them but it's okay because you're liking where you currently are. a break up that's equal parts pain and relief. the exhilaration that comes with finding someone who understands, who knows you without trying and feeling overwhelmed with happiness whenever you talk to them. that sensation of being inside a gigantic, empty room and hearing your voice echo back to you whenever you speak. the nostalgia from hearing a song that you used to play over and over when you were younger. running through a field and having the grass tickle your ankles. getting driven to speechlessness. taking a much needed breather. a hot bath with a good book and your favorite songs playing in the background. still afternoons when there are no better things to do than to lie on the grass and cloud-watch. seeing one of nature's most beautiful creations firsthand. the feeling of safety. knowing that someone cares about you. the desire to get closer, physically and emotionally. smiling so widely that your face hurts but you can't stop. the self care that comes after crying it out. what i think paradise would feel like. the feeling of home.