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Because Who Doesn't Love 90's Alternative Rock?


60 tracks of those 90's songs that get stuck in your head. If you love Matchbox 20, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, and Third eye Blind ---this is mix is for you. ** I can't keep up with commenting on all your posts.. so I want to say thank you and you're welcome right here! you all are wonderful here is a similar mix to this one

53 tracks
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I’ve been looking for this playlist for years since I discovered 8tracks and searched 90s XD great playlist

I've been listening to this playlist while studying since 2012. Finally made an account to let you know much I appreciate it. It got me through many all-nighters of's hoping it can get me through grad school. Thanks for the awesome mix!

What a fucking awesome taste in music. Loved it to the core..!! Thank You So much for the playlist. What I think about you is, Loving, Emotional, Sensitive & Musical Freak..! :P Again, Thank You..!!