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i have never been so wrong.

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Nice mix. Where did you find the track "Horrorshow - Jennie Feyen"? I've had no luck in locating it. Which version of "Aria [Stretched]" off of YouTube did you use? The music in this music was very dreamy & relaxing. Thanks for the great music.

@james.i.meyers Hello! I just updated both songs with links for you to access them on YouTube. I hope that helps! And thank you so much for enjoying this mix.

This is beautiful and it makes me very happy to see mixes made for the lovely Alana and her S2 arc (which I know a lot of people were v. critical about). Thank you. All these songs were spot on!

@everworld2662 Oh, thank you so much! Wow! I care very deeply about Alana. She's an incredible character with a lot of potential and I'm immensely glad I'm not the only one who appreciates her. Thank you! :)