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ba ba ba ba


original songs from himym basically (except for like, one)

  • How I Met Your Mother Cast Sings The Theme Song by himym cast
  • Let’s Go To The Mall by (S03E16) Robin Sparkles
  • You Just Got Slapped by (S03E09) Marshall Eriksen
  • Sandcastles In The Sand by (S03E16) Robin Sparkles
  • Puzzles The Bar Official Theme Song by ted and barney
  • The Beaver Song by How I Met Your Mother
  • Long Gone Momma by Hugh Gaskins
  • Marshall vs. the Machines by Invader Tito
  • P.S by Robin Sparkles (Robin Daggers)
  • La Vie En Rose by Cristin Milioti
  • Murder Train by The Foreskins
11 tracks
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