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deer die with their eyes wide open


kid you're pretty young to be this tormented.

a collection of "upbeat tracks, anxious lyrics" for Dipper.

cover art by, used with permission.

full tracklist info, etc:

11 tracks
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This was such a great listen. I'll certainly leave a proper comment, as I'm a little tired and overwhelmed with work, but I loved it. It fit Dipper perfectly and wasn't comprised entirely of songs I'd heard before (in fact, the only one I recognized was Infinitesimal and I was honestly delighted to hear it, having never heard it on a Dipper mix before but having associated it with him for a long time.) It's just stunning. I might have to make a folder for my favorite mixes or something just for this.

@owlishlies I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that you discovered some great new tracks in the process. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. ♡