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Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out


One body, two voices: a Bill Cipher-Dipper Pines (Bipper) fanmix.

aka "the fanmix that introduced the billdip fandom to that Summer Camp song."

Bill Cipher // Side A, Tracks 1-6
Interlude // Track 7
Dipper Pines // Side B, Tracks 8-13

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13 tracks
8 comments on Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

it is 2017 and i still love billdip, still love how good this playlist is, and am still sharing it. and yes I'm still writing fic bc cipherpines will not die for me gdi

I remember finding this playlist a long time ago and I downloaded it, loving it and listening to it like every day lmao. However after Gravity Falls went into hiatus I dropped out of the fandom and then I got a new phone and lost the playlist but now I'm so happy I found it.

I've listened to this playlist for so long as well and it's become a go to for listening while reading fics ahh. but this the best mix ever. I love all of the songs on here

@homosenpais I love that you listen to this mix while reading fic! Plus it's great to know these songs are still relevant (to someone beyond me, haha). Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

@nekorina (Oops, this comment slipped past me.) Thanks! It seemed appropriate, and I like to give my fanmixes structure since they often also quietly carry a narrative. Almost all of my Gravity Falls mixes were built with a chronological order of scenes in mind.