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Coming from you, friend is a four letter word.

all tracks from Stanford's POV, except tracks 2 (shared POV) & 12. Implied Billford.

cover art courtesy of, used with permission.


13 tracks
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this was absolutely beautiful ; v ; i rarely (or never have?) made a comment on a playlist but this was incredible and you have amazing music tastes, thank you!

@mizunochi Thank you for feeling inspired to comment! I know how great it feels to find a playlist that really clicks, and I'm happy to hear this was one of those for you. :)

@astrosoda Thank you astro, that means a lot. :) It's great to hear you find it 'well thought out' because I do spend a lot of time with things like song order; I use it to create narrative and mood. To have someone pick up on that feels super awesome.