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mixin' and mashin' 9


get ready to have your mind blown with the latest and greatest mashups and remixes!~
(WSLC Radio)

  • One Direction, Ke$ha & Flo Rida by Live & Die with a Good Feeling (Mashup)
  • DJ YAMMOUNI MEGAMIX by rae-x-bae
  • Sugar, This Is Gospel Fall Out Boy Vs. Panic! At The Disco (Mashup) by Mashup
  • CD62 by 中国語
  • Maroon 5 Vs. Ke$Ha Cmon Maps (Mashup!) by bringmethemashup
  • Macklemore vs Bob Marley vs Elton John vs Ludacris vs The Doors 'Na Na Mr Roboto' Mashup by PARTO
  • Wide Awake On Paradise Boulevard (Mash by Katy Perry Vs Green Day Vs Coldplay
  • Idols (EDM Mashup) by Virtual Riot
  • By Robin Skouteris by Get Funky (Daft Punk + 13 Artists Mashup)
  • UP (MGMT, Daft Punk, Passion Pit, Gorillaz, Bob Marley) by MEGA MASH
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