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Hip Hop's Freshmen (Not that XXL crap)


This mix is designed to introduce listeners to some new faces in the hip hop scene. I remember when I first devoted my eardrums to this music I would only touch 90's classics like Gang Starr and ATCQ. Lately, my preferences have shifted towards the new school, but I don't mean Big Sean and Tyga. Not even close. Here's a mix of some of the nicest songs by artists that have really caught my attention the past 12 months. By all means, if you know of other artists I haven't included please share!

17 tracks
4 comments on Hip Hop's Freshmen (Not that XXL crap)

its so hard to find legit hip hop now a days. even Datpiff is crap. i appreciate people that put out good solid, lyrically significant music. keep putting these together and ill keep listening. Respect.