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Fanmix for Q from Skyfall and Lisbeth Salander. The Quarter Master and the Master Hacker. Living in two very different worlds, these brilliant characters served as an inspiration for this mix, which is a blend of soundtracks and other songs that sound like they suit the computer virtuosos. Although they would likely never meet, this mix is for their spirit.

11 tracks
2 comments on Q10;L1

this playlist is fantastic. q and lisbeth: super tight co-hacker friends who met on a deep web forum and routinely exchange swift banter, but don't know one anothers' identities and have never met in real life (which is for the better because she would eat him alive). amazing ambiance

also thanks to this playlist, i learned that you can only listen to a mix so many times within an 8-hour period before 8tracks boots you off like "listen to something else for god's sake." haha, awkward.