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⊰ Between Wishes & Reality ⊱

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  • ナノ / Nano by Magenta
  • Escapist by Nightwish
    "The tower, my soul guide - this is who I am: Escapist, paradise seeker. Farewell, time to fly out of sight, out of time, away from all lies."
  • Paradise by Coldplay
  • Lost In Space by AVANTASIA
    "How could I know? How could I know that I'll get lost in space to roam forever? How could I know? How could I see, feeling like lost in space to roam forever?"
  • Hello Worker (English Piano Cover) by JoyDreamer
    "I didn't see me moving on 'cause I was only riding along. A wind that came and passed it showed my true shape - is this my escape?"
  • Letter Song (English Cover) by cola & Ham & Rimi
    "But listen to what I have to say: Having met them has changed you in some way, so take a look at who you are right now - have you improved from the 'me' from today?"
  • Dream World (Closing Sword Art Online Episode 1) by Eldiaz7
    "If you just take a moment to blink all those tears away from your eyes and you manage to conceal your cries - you'll never fear again because the future you yearned for in heartache will shine on you forevermore without a limit."
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