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tfw this is really mushy n gay but also YOU'RE really mushy n gay
ily mia ur the best friend i coulda asked for (though tbh i considered adding shiny teeth in the end of this)
this might not work tooooo well as a mix but i wanted to mash in a bunch of songs that mean things to me together n stuff like that so!!! here it is!
(happy birthday u gae hekc)

(this is late enough as it is so im throwing a cover on but i'll probably change it later)

12 tracks
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I can't like this enough times, honestly. Seriously I'm so happy I almost started crying like tHREE SEPARATE TIMES AHHHHHHH. Like. Never mind the fact that these songs are all nice and sweet and upbeat I'm just. Everything and your annotations and thE FACT THAT YOU MADE THIS– I COULD SCREAM AHDKAKSJ!! Sometimes I hate English because I'm pretty sure there's really no word for how fucKING-! euphoric I am. I love all there songs (and the last song I'm sob yOU GAY MEME I love it. Multilingual mix makin' me cry in like. Four different languages.) Thank you, so much. ^u^

@postfix ur a biG WEENIE GAe but im glad you liked it! tbh i didn't even realize i had put four diff languages in i just kinda hey this songs good n its got good lyrics n then i didnt really think about it esp given that id started this like?? idk a long while ago so i guess it slipped my mind haha