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Cold hands, warm heart. ❄

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its that time of year again... i dont use 8tracks anymore but i log in once a year in december to listen to this very playlist to have a good winter mood for december!

after listening to a lot of sad jack frost's playlists and making myself sad on porpuse i come to this and now i feel like dancing in the snow (there's none of it but well!!!) thank u for making this <3

There's a blizzard outside my window at the moment, and this mix makes me feel so warm and happy and positive about winter. I love all your Rise of the Guardians mixes actually; they do such an amazing job at capturing the magic and wonder of the film. <3

Theeen, my job here is done. ❄ T h a n k y o u for the heart-warming comment; needed it today more than anything. :)