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the gods gave you to us


many wrote of aeron's legendary exploits, but accounts of her origins and character varied. scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—she loved her husband, libra, above all else.

i just finished my first playthrough of fire emblem, this game has officially killed me. i'm dead.

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I'm so in love with this ship- I adore this mix!! Dear One by Mary Lambert was so good ( I love poetry and flowery language, and that was a really nice touch )

((WOW how do I change my username)) I'm just happy I'm not the only one completely ruined over Libra. Ha. Hahaha why must I fall in love with the unpopular characters

@anon-681710108607450 [you can change your username by going into your account setting] yeah, i understand how that feels. my faves are always the the unpopular ones ha ha