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All Music A-Z


Twenty-six tracks from every genre in the alphabet.
A: Alternative
B: Blues
C: Classic Rock
D: Desert Rock
E: Emo
F: Folk
G: Grunge
H: Hip-Hop
I: Industrial
J: Jazz
K: Kids
L: Latin
M: Metal
N: New Age
O: Opera
P: Punk
Q: Quiet Storm
R: Reggae
S: Ska
T: Trance
U: Unclassifiable
V: Vaudeville
W: World
X: Xylophone
Y: Yodeling
Z: Zydeco

26 tracks
5 comments on All Music A-Z

It seems that a few of the tracks were missing. I fixed that and changed a few of the genres that really weren't genres. Q is now for Quiet Storm not Queen, V is now for Vaudeville not Violin, X is now for Xylophone not the System of a Down Song X and Z is for Zydeco vnot Z Rock Hawaii.

Glad to see people like this mix, I was worried it would be too random for most. Also glad to see my choice to put Dethklok for the metal went over well. I was going to put something more serious but the first time I saw Dethklok summon a troll to destroy Norway during an apology speech I felt I had a new understanding of just how awesome metal can be:)

love the variety. pretty great selection in each genre too; a bunch of classics with some awesome odd balls throw in there. i literally laughed out loud when ATHF came on.