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love garden (late night blossom)

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floor-a, you have a brilliant "ear" and I love what you're doing! I work visually with artwork and your playlists are a beautiful addition to my day. Gracias :)

@bijou2 gracias for you, bijou! if you enjoy these mixes, our inner ear clockwork must be similar - i find no other ways to call it, but i hope you get what i mean : )) - i'm glad to meet someone who enjoy it and have this in common. it is a pleasure : )

You are one of the few mixologists I can click "like" on the first track...no need to wait. Thank you for your vision once again, friend!

I love how the most current track is 4 years old and my favorite track is 17 years old (Squarepusher). Great music is timeless...;^)

@kahnman yes, you're absolutely right! i re-discovered some of my old favorites and they inspired this playlist because i didn't want them to be forgotten. they have a special atmosphere i love, especially that Squarepusher track. thank you so much, my friend!