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No escape from the storm inside of me;


"and you know what happens when people don't understand something? they learn to fear it, and then they look at it like a monster"

act i. how emma feels about herself
act ii. how her family and killian feel about her

(episodes 4x07 and 4x08)

12 tracks
5 comments on No escape from the storm inside of me;

Such an amazing playlist! Some of these songs I've known for a long time, but never realized they fit so perfecty fro Emma... Awesomee music taste as well <3

This is amazing and I love it and managed to make me tear up several times (esp that first track, agh, Emma bb T_T), so you did an excellent job~~~

this is such a beautiful playlist; represents emma so well, especially with her difficulties with accepting herself and her magic. your music taste is impeccable as well!!

@ofpotter thank you! this means a lot to me, it took me some time to find the right songs. I wanted it to be perfect because emma is my favourite and she deserves it :)