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And We Are Only The Folk Of The Earth


Songs for lying in the grass, rain kissing your nose and the sky hanging so low you could nearly touch it. Songs for bare legs in the tatter of the woods, for muddy hands and warm heart-beat-pulsing bird eggs, for crooked smiles bright under the downpour. Songs for the might of thunder urging you homewards, for the heavy shoulders of mother trees bending down under the weight of the storm to keep you dry.

(12 songs)

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I was looking for an all instrumental playlist to study so I started that one, but when I heard there was lyrics I just couldn't switch to another playlist, it's too good :)

That description is wonderfully evocative, even before I get into the music! I hope you write often, since you clearly write well.

I think it was the most moving and most relaxing mix i have ever seen in 8tracks. Thank you so much for your work. I just admired it.