Is this playlist safe for work?
6 comments on I Drink It Black.

Thank you! This is just a lovely comment to wake up to. I hope you can enjoy the mix several other times!

Also, I recently listened to a mix which strongly reminded me of this one. If you're interested:

Wow, these are really good... I've not gotten the chance to listen to some of these in their entirety, and... Wow is all I can manage... They give me chills... Lovely mix, I'm glad I found it. ^__^

Thank you so much, you put a smile on my face. :)
I tried to make the tracks go from angriest to saddest.
And also, I love the quote on your profile picture! And I'm planning to check out some of your likes soon.

You're welcome! Glad I did. :D
Hmmm, yes, I can see that... I like that...
Haha, thanks... Alright, cool. I'd add playlists, but when I try, it won't let me, so... =/

Actually, I think I figured out what was wrong... Now it's just a matter of getting my music from iTunes, since it doesn't show up with the rest...