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I Was Living In a Fairytale


A soft, sweet, acoustic take on the classic playlist challenge: 19 tracks including music by Florence + the Machine, Angus & Julia Stone, and Oasis. Details in the comments.

Title: quote from possibly my favorite character (Jenny) from my favorite movie (Big Fish).


This mix made me realize that I spent most of my teenage years listening to classical music.

And it contains songs that are in my other playlists as well.

19 tracks
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Thank you! As a native french speaker, I love to mix in some french tracks in most of my mixes.
My playlists tagged 'french' or 'français' include mostly (or only) french songs -- if you're interested.
By any means thank you, I most certainly did not expect this playlist to become this popular.

Playlist rules:

Title must be a quote from a movie. 

1. A song from the last record you bought.

2. A "blues" song. Does not have to be from a blues record, but a song that is labeled "__ blues"
3. A song that will get you going in the morning
4. A song from one of the earliest records that you can remember listening to.
5. A song discovered from a film.
6. A song about transportation (cars, trains, planes, etc).
7. A song from an artist/band that you don't normally like, with the exception of this one.

8. A song with a color in the title.
9. A song with a number in the title.

10. A song about a book (or books in general).
11. A funny song.

12. A cover song.

13. A song that you discovered through a mix tape given to you.
14. A song that reminds you of high school.
15. A song that is perfect for a quiet, rainy day.
16. A song with the word "Look" in the title.
17. Your favorite Beatles song.
18. A song by someone who is now deceased.
19. Any song.

I'd love to hear your take on this! (I'm in the process of listening to your mixes and they're excellent.)
I saw this challenge float around 8tracks uncredited, so I just picked it up. I don't know where it's from exactly, but it's still fun. :)