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The Mozart Theory


Some say that listening to Mozart makes you smarter. Well, I'm in the middle of my exams and I want to test that theory.
Good and relatively lengthy Mozart compositions to study to.
***There are 2 tracks by intruders at the end of the mix... because let's face it, I don't own 8 different Mozart albums. But they do fit well with the others. :)

10 tracks
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Excellent - I can note the music I like and then buy it. Otherwise, I would never know what it was called and would probably not buy it. Great Thanks.

Perfect for focusing on my schoolwork and getting my thesis written. Interesting enough to keep me from getting frustrated with the music but not distracting at all. Exactly what I needed, thanks so much, I'll be listening to this one again!

its proven that mozart theory only has a short term effect on spatial and visual skills..not any longterm effects though

I've learned that music does have beneficial effects on working and memorisation skills, as long as it's music the listener loves. (e.g. a heavy metal playlist could help a heavy metal lover study) So basically, this playlist is for Mozart lovers. :)