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Too Many Feelings


Overwhelmed by fiction-induced melancholia? These soft instrumental songs featuring piano and strings will help you nurse your book/movie/tv-series hangover. (This is also good for more severe afflictions such as the "post-Potter depression" and the "post-Riechenbach crisis".)

Contents: a bit of classical, Dustin O'Halloran, and several pieces from film/television scores.

Image: Jonathan Lichtfeld

11 tracks
6 comments on Too Many Feelings

oh my goodness Brideshead Revisited ! That doesn't soothe my feelings, it just gives me more feelings !! ;-;
wonderful mix, thank you !!

oh dear, I'm sorry! but lots of feelings is better than no feelings at all, right? :)
this mix was actually inspired by my post-Brideshead Revisited feeling-overload! anyway, thank you for your appreciation xx