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kicking ED's ass!


a soft collection of songs that have helped me battle through my life fighting my bulimia.

i believe in all of you and am fighting for my own recovery. ~june 2nd, 2015~

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@joelledupont I don't know how to properly respond to a comment from my phone so if you don't get this, I'm sorry! and thank you! I am doing alright. I have been experiencing quite a lot of change recently and ED has been testing me. but I am so so so proud of your progress and hope you continue fighting hard. all my love to you and your recovery. -lh

How are you doing, my dearest? Been fighting that ED (anorexia/bulimia/orthorexia/Food realted OCD) for years now. Everyday i can look back and see I made more and more steps away from those suffering deseases. Keep it up, stay strong. We can do it

Someone who is going through this horrible, ugly, devastating, life-changing experience all because of an eating disorder. If you ever want to vent, talk, or anything... Just let me know, and I swear I'll always be there to listen!

I can't put in to words how much that meant to me. I always knew, deep down, there were people who were going through similar things as me, but I never thought, in a million years, that I would actually be able to connect with so

This mix honestly made me cry. I have been struggling with binge eating, bulimia, and rumination off and on since I was in elementary school. @floweryrecovery I am so unbelievably proud of you for overcoming this horrible monster named ED. He took my life and started to rip it into shreds, even sending me to treatment centers that are 5 hrs. away from my family. But even that just gave me more hope to push through. Stay strong beautiful

@Abbey Morse This is such a hard thing to fight. I actually just discharged from a treatment center recently so i totally can relate to how emotionally and psychically taxing treatment can be for you and everyone around you. i looked at your profile and you are absolutely STUNNING. Even though i do not personally know you i want you to know that you are a beautiful person on the inside and outside. Stay Positive recovery sister! You can handle this and cope in a way that is healthy.

I don't know why, but because cereal is my trigger food (lately it's been gluten free cheerios) I saw that photo and I wanted to binge. Then I read the message on the spoon and I almost started crying because I don't have to. I have control. It is my body and I will control it and I will appreciate it and what it gives me.