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Leave Me and I'll Kill You

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hi, i don't know if you have bpd or not. but i'd like to ask that you don't compare it to being ""yandere"" please! it's very hurtful, and i feel like i shouldn't have to explain why? but if you need me to i will.

@commanderpeepers theyre not the same thing at all and i didnt say they were? this playlist is inspired by both but if it bothers you then i can remove the bpd tag/mentions

@flyspies i understand that but it's not good to compare them to each other, you could always make two different playlists about them but lumping them together isn't cool. especially because the whole yandere trope is already pretty shit.

@flyspies @commanderpeepers As a person with officially diagnosed BPD I'm pretty sure "lumping them together" isn't hurtful or harmful and actually legit doens't hurt anyone with BPD besides you,

@flyspies @commanderpeepers That's honestly ridiculous that you were so butthurt you had to come up with an argument that doesn't apply to everyone with BPD.