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love-hate relationships


Upbeat songs about chaotic love hate relationships, no breakup/cheater songs. Think two tsunderes, a hero and his alluring nemesis, or those more emotional folks who can only express their love at the top of their lungs. HQ tracks. I just felt there needed to be a hate sex / tsundere love playlist for THOSE otps. I don't believe there's anything too explicit here, but there are some sorta S&M-ish songs sprinkled throughout. Hope you like, I worked hard on this! :) For all your chaotic otp needs~

572 tracks
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Love this, the worst part about many good playlists I come across is that they're too short. This one is awesome, long (I listened to it during a lot of my work day), and the mix is very eclectic. Love it!!!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! :D I was worried the length was turning everybody off from giving it a chance.
by "work day", are you saying you listened to work? I'd have thought this mix would be considered kinda nsfw...
You made my day :)

I work in an office and can listen to music through headphones (though back when I worked 2nd shift we did manage Down With the Sickness out loud haha). I personally enjoy long playlists as long as they're good! So thanks for making a good one!