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Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you have seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. It's about that very moment when you're doing something and you wish that they were right there with you.

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Daniel: Thanks for being so prepared with our skillbuilding supplies - I'd had the busiest week before conference and had to borrow time from other places just to get myself ready for conference! I can't decide tho if I'll never forget you OR the bear. But nonetheless, don't forget to fight for your right to party!

Isaac: Only delegate that's a dude - good on ya man. You're a great guy, it was nice to learn a bit more about you while we were waiting in Chrystopher for the dance. Good luck with the solar panel, hopefully you don't need glasses, and don't forget about us when you're Mayor of Halifax or exploring Denmark!

Haley: You were always respectful in sessions. You have a very good grasp of when to talk and when to listen - a very important quality of a leader. Keep being involved in your church (even if your mom drags you there sometimes!)

Alyssa: #1, sorry for backstabbing you in Lifeboat, big mistake on my part. I always found myself laughing with you! I'll definitely take advantage of Encounters next year (hopefully with less tears but doubtful). Thanks for all the smiles :) (P.S. don't feel guilty about spoons, I'm cutting them out too girl!)

Laura: You little lifeguard you! Keep being involved with the NSSSA, you have so much potential to be a great leader in your school and community. I was disappointed I didn't get to know you too much outside of session, but playing Dyadic Encounters and learning more about you was very enriching and helped me learn more about what a great person you are!

Tammy: Oh Tammy!! I'm gonna cry writing this! Most of my favorite memories in session were because/included you. Our alliances in Lifeboat were never a success, but were always great and at least got us to the final four. I still have your polynomial sheet, wish I'd gotten that when I took math 11 (can you help me pass math 12??) I really wish we got to hang more outside of session, but we had a little fun at the dance, and gossiping about (you know who) was tooooooo fun!! PLEASE let me know when you're in the Valley, if not, I'll be meeting up for some McDonalds or Taco Bell regularly!! :) P.S. thanks for the awesome candy!

Margaret: One of my favorite memories of conference was playing No Using I with you out in the quad. Your CB winter sounded intense! You always contributed to session and weren't afraid to take risks. I loved when you let your hair down at the dance. Rock it! I've never been to CB but now I have a reason to go!!

Jenna: I love how indie you are. Your Arctic Monkeys shirt was my fave even if it came from a sketchy website! Please get involved on RC/CC, you are a natural born leader. You almost had me in tears saying goodbye at conference. One of my all-time favorite NSSSA memories was playing Dyadic Encounters with you at the Late Nighter. I wish I'd come and sat down sooner!!

Megan: Lucky number 15, well I was born on October 15 so that is something we have in common! You impressed me with your leadership in your community. Keep on following your passion with service trips!! It's a great cause. I also hoped you liked Lifeboat and continue to play! :)

Emma: Your little note almost made me cry. How sweet of you! I wish you didn't have to leave early, I felt like a piece of group 6 was missing. You brought very good ideas to our sessions and you were always so keen and eager to participate. Please continue to be involved with NSSSA, you're a natural!

Briana: Oh Briana. I was so nervous skillbuilding a skillbuilding co-chair but hey, we turned out to be the best of friends! I was so happy you won co-premier and the next year will be so great to work with you!! Thanks for all the laughs and fun times you brought into session, and I hope that I enriched your CSQ14 experience even a smidgen of how you enriched mine!

Nykola: First a loner, then my husband! You are VERY good at Lifeboat, and that also comes with knowing when to speak, and when to listen. Thank you for always participating and always being engaged in session. I wish I'd gotten to know you a bit more, but hey, at the very least, we had some very great times during lifeboat! Thanks for having my back when I needed it and never backstabbing me, even in the final four. Keep staying involved in the organization and your community!!

Oh group 6, I could go on for days but I won't. Enjoy a few of the tracks that made this conference SO special to me (and a couple of my own personal faves)! Please all of you keep in touch and don't stop being involved in the NSSSA. <3