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Deadbeat Motel

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@lusarova Hey, sorry about that. I just got a little annoyed with social media recently and I've been trying to keep the focus on writing and music. Which is not always easy. Great song though! I hope that we can still find a way to keep in touch with music.

@Food Biscuits I totally understand, I did the same recently with other social media -tastebuds is kind of a desert for me, I just talk to a couple of persons there, so there wasn't really a point to delete that one haha-. I hope that we can keep in touch too, really. And I actually thought about your mixtape as a soundtrack for something... It would be cool to watch the short film, hope you've managed to focus on what you want to do.

@lusarova It's more of an inspiration and writing playlist. I made it for my actors, to get them into the kind of mentality and ideas that I was going for in my short film. And yes, you're more than welcome to see it, the link is in the description for the playlist. Enjoy.