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Best of '16 (Vol. 1)


Every year I put together "Best Of" playlists for hip-hop consisting of my fav tracks. I take a lot of time researching, listening, ranking, organizing these playlists, etc to ensure it's straight fire from start to finish and varies throughout hip-hop styles (i.e. Inspirational gut-wrenching soul-searching tracks, lyrical wordplay at its best, straight bangers, smoke-out/chill tracks, dancey mainstream, hardcore/gangsta, international/indie, instrumental/abstract, etc. I want my playlist creations to play out like if it were an actual album. I'm a hip-hop head and music is my only addiction. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress or Facebook (under Foodsic). Without further ado, here's JewPac Vol 1 for 2016. May the headboppin' soul searching begin...

151 tracks
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@nawaffajmi Thank you! I have like 4-5 more playlists on the way, which should be out by year end so keep an eye out. Glad you love it. I try to bring the best music has to offer to as many people as I can.