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JewPac (Short Sample)


I am JewPac (a Jew who loves hip hop). I put this tiny playlist together which consists of a few obscure tracks that I would think the average hip hop fan (old or new) have yet to hear that I feel demands notice. If you all like it, I can certainly add more tracks to it... Enjoy!

32 tracks
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Loving it! You know your hip hop! Exactly the kind of music I like. Dope beats to real lyrics! Definitely adding some of these tracks to my collection

@Stezzy Steve Hip-hop has been with me since day 1, which for me was early-to-mid 80s. Music is my passion and my only addiction. I'm currently working on my next playlist project, JewPac Journey, among a slew of others so be on the lookout for that, which prob won't be dropping til 2018 at the earliest.