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After well over a year of working on this project..

After filtering through over 600 GBs of music...

After spending hours upon hours of careful & strategic arrangement of tracks...

After even more hours of listening and relistening...

It brings me an incredible amount of joy and excitement to be able to share what I consider to be the best musical accomplishment of my life. So lay back, buckle up, close your eyes and prepare for the ride. May I present to you...


221 tracks
2 comments on Jewstrumentals

It is great collection bro! Instrumental hip-hop is my new love) I am dont like hiphop with words - i think it is broken hip-hop whereas instrumental is virgin hip-hop)))

@fedrbodr thx bro! I totally agree. There's a place in my heart/soul for traditional hip-hop obviously but my one true love is production quality, which can be in the form of instrumental hip-hop, abstract hip-hop, electronic music (and it's thousands of sub-genres), indie/uk garage/folk/etc. There's just something to be said with the pure essence of music itself. You start with a single beat, layer a 2nd one, a 3rd one, change the tempo, breakbeat, sample, etc. etc. The evolution of a beat (a fucknomenal one of course...ha) is one of the most beautiful things in this world for me. @foodsic