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glassy sky

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@justparis @deusdemian @istannen @Commusia @omghetalover @nauxlocked @Cannibalism•_• @Hiyoki @jturley1 @paulaandreagh @ryuugazaki @MrGooby @anon-900008246740076 @positivepixels @dalia.94 Once again, thank you all for the positive feedback! unfortunately, due to the soundclound intergration system removal this mix was taken down but now it's back up for you all to listen to again! sorry for putting it back up so late haha but again thank you

i've listened to this playlist like 5 times already and i rarely listen to a playlist twice. this is sooooooooooooo good ;--;

it's so good, i legitimately can't stop listening to it. thank you for producing such an amazing and intricate set of songs into one convenient place for all my senses to delve into. you're honestly fantastic for doing this for me and all the other weebs out there. we very much appreciate it. xoxo

@oli770 thank you so much! i forgot to tag you in the recent comment but this mix was taken down for awhile bc of the souncloud thing but now it's back up! sorry for the confusion if in any way you were listening to this mix repeatedly :)