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...y en cada verso pone su corazón: Tango.


Sixteen classics of tango argentino.

Nine tangos, four milongas, three valses.

The pieces are all danceable, but I chose and put them in order with listening rather than dancing in mind.

I tried to include the year and the singers' names whenever possible. If you know something to be incorrect, please let me know.

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16 tracks
6 comments on ...y en cada verso pone su corazón: Tango.

excelente seleccion de temas. solo una observacion: el tema ropa blanca en realidad se lla oro y plata. creo que esta es la version de charlo

Yes! You are right, and I don't understand why I should have written "Ropa Blanca, Demare, Berón", I have no such mp3 in my collection. "Oro y plata" with Charlo I do have and know. Thank you!

I do not think that arrangement of Ropa Blanca is by Demare with Beron. The voice is not that of Beron, and orchestration is different from the usual Demare. Sounds like a more recent recording (after sixties).

Nice mix nonetheless.

Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, my memory of where I got this recording and why I wrote what I wrote is rather blurry, but I will try to correct the information!