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±Kɴᴉgh†$ ⏀f R∄N±

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oh my god this is the best and most evil thing I have heard on ages I fucking love it. had only breached this genre before and GODDAMN is it my shit, my soul is being consumed by an elder god as I listen, what a fantastic playlist

@steamworkblue I'm so happy you enjoy this auditory sacrifice of your meat vessel as your soul transcends into the lower dimensons (the dark side has never been this dark! :D please imagine Kylo blasting it on the Finalizer during duty hours because it 'helps him to focus')

ive wanted to get into listening to this kind of music but i had no idea how to start, so thanks for making this great mix! it's perfect for the knights of ren

@armitagehux I'm really glad you liked it! With house is a very secretive genre, although of course it's impossible these days to keep something completely underground; to our luck :D Crystal Castles is the most popular (their song Plague got me hooked up on the genre) and CRIM3S is a personal favourite ('Still Goin' gives me fucked up Kylux feels) Also, there's a really good 8tracks mix called "Into the Witchhouse" by Mark Faviell, which focuses more on the spooky side of witchhouse - perfect for Halloween! :D

@for_autumn_I_am ah yes, i've listened to crystal castles! thank you for the recommendations, i'm heavily getting into the halloween spirit- im watching horror movies and planning cute+scary kylux halloween stuff :D