Ford Prefect
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Mystic Lovers


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4 comments on Mystic Lovers

This is a good mix! But Ford, why don't you mix them in a mixer and start uploading on soundcloud? You mixes are exceptional, but the fact that there is a pause after every song is a bit vexing when the sounds flows so smoothly.... Anyway, your mixes are impeccable.

Ford, your music is so meaningful to me! I just left the lightening in a bottle festival, and really think your mixes would be great there! I would love to connect you to the DoLab. Where can I find more info about you and your music? maybe a website?

@blazerobertstow Hi, thanks for comment and glad to hear you like it. i live in Turkey and DoLab or other festivals far far away from me :) i don't have a website, You can send mail to me.