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If things were different


"Hey, i know I shouldn't be asking this, but do you think if things were different that things between you and me would be different, too?"

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How has no one favorited this yet?! I'm finally getting around to reading the rest of Angel & Faith so I started browsing for mixes dedicated to one of the best parings (be it strictly friendship oriented or more intimate--I obviously prefer the latter, lol) of all time. Anyway, I loved the whole thing and I thought I'd let you know.

@amends asddfghjkl! You're so sweet. I absolutely adore Angel and Faith both platonically and romantically. They're my ultimate OTP, so to receive a comment like this is just beyond awesome. I really need to get on making more mixes for them.

@flays I've been working on one off and on for a while, I just need to get around to finishing it. And after starting to (finally!) catch up on Angel and Faith I'm remembering why I fell in love with them in the first place. Hey, you mind if I add you? Our interests seem to mesh nicely and I've loved listening to several of your mixes.

@amends You'll have to let me know when you do! I need more Angel and Faith in my life and I'm a big fan of your mixes. And no, I don't mind at all. That'd be really cool, actually.