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Kudos to Tumblr user wroniec for the cover!

Link to YouTube playlist:

I've been experimenting with the artwork and title of this mix lately (it's changed from De@r D1ct@tor to D1sc1pl1ne, but I've reuploaded the original cover art).

10 tracks
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It has been like two years, but this is still my favourite Hux playlist of them all. Found no better so far. All the songs are perfect and match Hux and people like Hux beautifully. Thank you!

Woah, this playlist went through some serious visual changes, I was so confused when it started playing and I recognized all the songs and their order but nothing else! I guess I will have to get used to the different cover and title, because I am not letting this mix go anytime soon. Btw, do you have a tracklist for it somewhere? I'd love to know what 8tracks is skipping this time.

@boredbyreality Yeah, I probably should have mentioned those changes somewhere! Oops. I'm not sure how to create a tracklisting on a separate page, so I'll make a YouTube playlist with all the songs and link it in the description. Btw, I'm glad that you're still invested in this mix despite the changes I've made!

@foureyedraven No, it's totally fine! I would recognize this playlist anywhere under any cover and title, I love it so much! I usually see people link to tumblr posts with tracklists but oooh boy, am I glad for the youtube playlist, now I can listen to it without any limits :D You're the best~