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I adore you.

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The sound of the branches breaking under your feet
The smell of the fall and the burning of leaves
The bitterness of winter
Or the sweetness of spring
You are an artist
And your heart is your masterpiece
And I’ll keep it safe

  • 03 I'll Keep You Safe.mp3 by Rana Shaban
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  • Sleeping At Last By Turning Pages by Desire020209
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  • Fix You Coldplay Cover Matthew Mayfield (Live At Echelon Studios) by
  • Matthew Mayfield First In Line by Queirós, D
  • Come What May by Moulin Rouge - Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
  • The Wolves & The Ravens by Mi So Bak
  • Tiderays By Volcano Choir by Thibault-Théodore
  • Heartbeats by José González
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